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About Ricontex  

Our company has established in 1997. We' re the one of most active garment accessories suppliers in hongkong till today! Our products are mainly export-oriented.

We also own our zhongshan label factory for label manufacturing. With our affiliated printing factory in kaiping and zipper factory in fujian, they can produce the hangtags/packing boxes/all types of zippers for the needs of our customers.

In addition, our main tasks are to supply the trims to our worldwide customers in different countries. Our goal is aiming at providing the top quality products in most effective and efficient ways.

Geographically, we take an advantage of the giant hinterland in guangdong, as well as some other remote areas over the border. The materials can be obtained easily. That's why we can keep our words to supply the trims fast and stable.

Being one of the reliable suppliers of garment accessories, we have a professional team to take care your trim orders. Individual coordinators are assigned to serve individual customers. They are servicing the customers requests on a personal basis with instant replies. The customers requests are facilitated by the versatile information service, personal care, prompt response and sophisticated system. We are ready to expand our capability to meet with our increasing customer needs.

We' re pleased to invite you to visit our web-site to get more update information or directly contact us through e-mail info@mantongindia.in you will find one or more items that attract you!




China maximum nitrocellulose manufacturer. China maximum filter press manufacturer.